Located in Crockett, TX, Rattlesnake Ranch offers a variety of golden delicious Pecans, Candied Pecans, Chocolate Pecans and so much more!


Welcome to Rattlesnake Ranch! Founded in 2005, we are situated on a beautiful ranch filled with 8,000-year-old Texas pecan trees. We sell natural pecans in addition to coated and flavored pecans.

Pecans are both delicious and good for you: they lower cholesterol, are rich in fiber, and are filled with vitamin E for heart health. We pick the best pecans and add a variety of flavorful coatings to give you the tastiest, highest-quality product.

Browse through our online store, which is filled with our personal favorites and our customers’ favorites, including chocolate, cinnamon, and yogurt-coated nuts. We also sell a wide selection of 12-oz. gift tins, which make wonderful presents.

Our Story

Legend has it that Davy Crockett stopped here on his way to San Antonio, and while camping, he discovered the pecan. So sweet and delicious was the meat of the pecan that Davy swore he’d be back to gather them up and take them back to Tennessee.Over 100 years later, we walked the same paths as Davy Crockett himself, and just like Davy, we found ourselves in awe of the pecan trees. As we stood there looking up with the sun filtering through the leaves, we heard a rustling sound. We thought it was the wind, but soon realized that the trees were whispering, calling to us. We answered that call and bought the ranch.Today we share over 200 years of legendary goodness in every one of our golden pecans. With flavor this big, no wonder they named the Pecan the State Tree of Texas.